Monday, 5 January 2009

Crafty New Year!!

So i haven't blogged for a while, last time i blogged i was contemplating moving to London....well i didn't go in the end, for one reason or another, but it has turned out to be the best decision ever.  I have been busy busy busy, making lots of items for my family and friends over the past months so here are the pics of the many things i have created.  

i love this photo, they look so clean and cosy.

So i taught myself to crochet and made these two blankets.  The one above is my take on the Babette blanket for my niece's 12th birthday.  The blanket below I made for my best friend who gave birth to a beautiful daughter back in September.

My sister and her family finally moved into the house of their dreams, so to commemorate the occasion i cross stitched a 'Home Sweet Home' sign
Then i discovered Amigurumi!! for those of you like me who had never heard of Amigurumi before, it is the japanese art of crocheting cute toys.  They are amazing, and as soon as i started the whole google search of Amigurumi i was hooked and below is the picture of my first attempt.

its supposed to be Hello Kitty, i think she turned out pretty well i gave her to my friend for her birthday on new years eve along with a Hello Kitty card that i cross stitched too.

Then i decided to stitch something to mark the New year so i made a little heart shaped pillow and gave it to my Aunt for her birthday, which was actually on Christmas day but she didn't have a party till the 3rd of Jan.  I actually really love this and think it turned out really well.  I was actually in a rush to complete this as i left it to the last minute and had loads of things going on, that i actually took it with me on a shopping trip and sat and stitched over lunch!!  I think i might make a few and see about selling them.  I would buy one of these, would you?
(for those of you who have read my earlier posts, i finally used a button from the 750 i bought from Etsy on this project!!)

So i told you i had been busy!! 
I am also counting down the days till i go to New York!! i have never been state side before and the official count down is 20 days!!!!!

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