Friday, 19 September 2008

Aaaarrrhhh!!! Too much to do and not enough time!

I am afraid to say that i have been neglecting my blog for a while, due to the fact that I am extremely busy!! but that's no excuse really.  Nearly everyone in my close family and friends has either had a birthday, wedding anniversary, wedding, christening or the birth of a new child in the months of September and August this year, so it has been a very hectic couple of months.  I am still honouring my handmade pledge, so i have hand made gifts for all these people, but as they have been gifts and i know they all read my blog, I couldn't list any of the items I have made.  The biggest gift that is for my nieces birthday in November has taken up a lot of my time is the Babette blanket but I have crocheted all the squares now so i just need to block them and stitch them together (I say just, but this is probably the most time consuming part of the whole process).  Can you believe Christmas is just around the corner!! so October and November are going to be just as busy as I start all over again making Christmas gifts!!!!  I have also have a very hard decision to make.  I have been asked by my company if i would consider relocating to London.  I have never lived or worked in London, I love going to visit and shop but, could I stand living in such a busy city all year round?  Also my husband would need to find work and we would need to find somewhere to live and rent out our property in Manchester.  The other thing is i would need to have all this done in 8 weeks!!!  Anyway enough of me ranting on, I'll let you all know my decision when its made, hopefully I'll still have hair and it won't have fallen out with stress!!!

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