Saturday, 19 July 2008

Summer is supposed to be here!!

Today for the very first time, I made a top in just a few hours.  Normally it takes me at least a day, if not two, but this pattern was so easy, even though I took my time and stopped to cook and eat dinner, it still only took me a couple of hours.  I got the pattern out of this months Burda Magazine (BWOF 07/2008 101 A) I really like it and its comfortable to wear, all I need now is some sunshine.  I might make it again but make it longer so it can be worn as a dress.  I'm also thinking of making a convertible dress, you know, the ones with only one seam.  Anything with only one seam sounds good to me.  Check out rostitchery to see how its done.  I think I might make one tomorrow. This is turning into a crafty weekend and I'm loving it.

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